02.09.2010 - Stropkov / Kastiela, SVK
07.09.2010 - Humenne / The Club , SVK
10.09.2010 - Kosice / Tabacka, SVK
11.09.2010 - Presov / Wave, SVK
14.09.2010 - Michalovce / Subteren, SVK - cancelled
16.09.2010 - Banska Bystrica / Klub 77, SVK - cancelled
18.09.2010 - Bratislava / Subclub ,SVK - cancelled
22.09.2010 - Trencin / Klub Luc , SVK - cancelled
24.09.2010 - Prievidza / Element, SVK - cancelled
27.09.2010 - Brno / Stara Pekarna, CZ - cancelled
30.09.2010 - Plzen / Pod Lampou, CZ - cancelled
01.10.2010 - Prague / Chapeau Rouge, CZ - cancelled
02.10.2010 - Vienna / Fluc, AT - cancelled
08.10.2010 - London / Barfly, UK - cancelled



organizations that have our support:

Love Music Hate Racism

Amnesty International

United for Human Rights

International Movement Against
All Forms of Discrimination

other useful links :

Project Gutenberg










Faces (June-August 2010), Tomas dAsK.



Rest In Peace, Tomas dAsK (2 April 1985 - 27 September 2010)

You will never be forgotten.



tour 2010-2011 (and more)

after a concert break (spent on recording, artworks and videos) we’re starting touring again, beginning with Slovakia. The dates shall be regularly updated on the left side of the scrapbook. I'm currently in the state of finishing the projections for the tour.

I've also posted a fragment of some stuff I was listening to these days below. I guess it does my way of paying respect, or just a way to point out on something I think is worth checking out. It will be also updated with books, movies, and art in general. Hope you will find something interesting in there.




tour mixtape (part1) - in alphabetical order

archie bronson outfit - shark tooth
arvo part - spiegel im spiegel
bjork - hidden place
burial - unite
calexico - black heart
can - vitamin c
depeche mode - in your room
flying lotus - clock catcher
liars - proud evolution (t.yorke remix)
lou reed - satellite of love
philip glass - metamorphosis
portishead - we carry on
prudy - s rukami vo vreckach
shugo tokumaru - straw
massive attack - praying for rain
miles davis - so what
moderat - nr.22
the beatles - strawberry fields
the cinematic orchestra - all things for all men
the national - terrible love



our music against discrimination and racism

I’ve uploaded organisations that have our support to the side bar of this scrapbook.
We will be adding new links gradually. I think they are important and relevant today more than ever.
Basically what we stand for is: if anybody doesn't like people because of their origin, nationality, ethnical background, religion or sexual orientation, DO NOT listen to our music! You have no capacity to get it anyway. Yes, we are against ANY form of discrimination or xenophobia!
This message is everywhere in our music!

Best wishes,

Tomas dAsK



best ones / pi

first two videos i made from 'foreigners', 'best ones' and 'pi' should be already somewhere on the internet. also, there is a double a-side single coming out on 9 august and apart from the songs already mentioned, the tracklist contains live versions of 'fire' and 'secret ink' as well as an entirely new song called 'cubes' which i hold in the same regard as any song from 'foreigners'.

hope you find it interesting.




to everyone concerned:

The record we’ve been working on for the last 3 years is now finished and its name is 'Foreigners'. It may require more listens to uncover all its details and value, and also to get into its untraditional sound without a bass guitar. We wish it would be listened to as a whole thing – for that reason I decided to make 11 videos, because to me as a songwriter, each song on the album has an equal value. All the videos will be gradually published on our website.

After considering several options, we’ve reached a decision to release the album in the following ways:

a) a free 320 mp3 format (available here).

b) on 11.11.2010 as a one-off CD release for an auction (click/look here),
which besides 11 album tracks will contain: 1). 12th song no one else will be able to hear apart from the actual owner. 2). original oil painting and drawings I’ve made for the album cover 3). handwritten lyrics 4). signature from all three of us.
The whole self-made release is dedicated to those who value our music as a work of art.

In case you like the record, we’d like to ask you to blog & write about it, or recommend it to somebody, to help to get its way to the ones that should hear it.

In the next few months we will announce the tour. We’ll see each other then...

Tomas dAsK
The Bridgeheads



like swimming across the ocean...

Now listening to the record after it’s finished I think we justified the songs.
It was very exhausting to get the things right, sonically.
The whole process sometimes felt like swimming across the ocean, when you are just in the middle (if you can imagine).
It was like painting a picture where every stroke of paint brush has its place and if you put it differently it will change the whole meaning.
The whole record, for me, is what Guernica is for Picasso or Sunflowers for Van Gogh, It has a depth and value that I’m very aware of.

The best expression how to describe it is a word 'human'.
It's all around it, with its fragility.
I think we made a strong record and hope you will hear it there.

I would also like to thank everyone because apart from saying 'we are recording' we were in a complete isolation for the last year and a half in order to stay focused.
We were a bit worried that all the work will go to waste and that there isn't anyone who cares anymore.
But we were proved wrong, and we are very grateful for all the support we’ve got so far.
It means a great deal for us.

We just need to sort out a few things and on Monday we shall announce the name of the album and its release date.




the record is finished... few days we shall announce its name and when and how it will be released.
hope you’re all well




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